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Saudi Arabia is resuming air travel and business life while respecting Social Distance guidelines
Johnson & Johnson to begin human trials for coronavirus vaccine in late July
Potential COVID-19 vaccine from China shows promise in animal tests
New Zealand now has no active Covid-19 cases
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Covid-19 Impact on The US Car Rental Industry
US Domestic Travel Trends: Flight Volume by Purpose
COVID-19 Hotel Forecast: New York City
Coronavirus Impacts Hospitality Across Asia


Decoding America’s Travel Recovery:
Data & Predictions
Tuesday, 28th July 2020
11 – 12 PM CST

Expert's Advice

Imran Salehjee
Group Managing Director,
Saltours International
“Protect brand loyalty by providing refunds, this should be from all booking channels.”
Anand Rajagopalan
Chief Technology Officer,
“Thanks to our Hotel partners who have enabled us to auto-process cancellations and refund the customer as well to the engineers who worked round the clock to get the solution up and running in quick time.”
Pontus Mark
Regional Director, Revenue Management – Nordics, Belvar
“Help out committed business in need for the period. Don’t forget that there is a period ahead after this recession.”


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Seven Key Actions Business Can Take to mitigate the effects of COVID-19
COVID-19 & the Global Hotel Industry: A Roadmap to Recovery, Part 2

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Travel industry is having a hard time. With increased travel restrictions and the situation in hand, hotel reservations are plummeting by day. Cancellations too are all time up. Simultaneously, airlines are suspending operations. Multiple cruise ships are stranded. Industry events are either cancelled or rescheduled. The problem in hand seems bigger than any other we have faced in the past. It, thus, requires all of us to work together to mitigate the impact while ensuring the safety of everyone. We, at RateGain, are trying to do our bit. We have pledged to co-create a #BetterTomorrow for the industry. We have created a one-stop-shop for all information and insights that the travel industry needs to act upon. We are enabling the industry leaders with actionable insights through research.